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Shenmeng locates in Yuhuan where is famous for manufacturing Brass Valves in China.Shenmeng is specializing in designing,manufacturing,and exporting faucets and low pressure valves for general water supplying, plumbing, Construction piping system and etc.

Our goods exported to Ireland,Spain,Russia,Poland,Turkey,Mexico,Chile and Saudi Arabean. Our products are sold in over 20 international markets. We control the major aspects of our business including raw material sourcing, recycling, R&D and engineering which gives us the ability to respond quickly to changing customer needs and market developments.

The goal of our company is to satisfy our customer’s needs and expectations through production, continuous development and comprehensive services related to our products, based on high quality and good pricing, as well as maintaining a competitive edge in the markets.

Mission-related objectives:

• Extension of the line of products and continuous development (quality improvement).
• Sales improvement in domestic and international markets.
• Offer efficient and up-to-date solutions to customers.

Shenmeng is a well-known (both in the domestic and international markets) designer and manufacturer of taps products for water supply, heating and fluid controlling systems, like kitchen taps, bathroom taps and piping system valves.

Shenmeng is a very efficient player in the contemporary market economy, owning a youth and experienced team in each key sector. Our customers are provided with professional services and technical support.


With CE Certificate of gas ball valve EN331.

With ISO 9001 2008 Certificate